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How to Easily Create Your First Job Resume Template

 How to Easily Create Your First Job Resume Template

Whatever be your area of work or whether you are looking for a part time or full time job, resume plays an 

unarguably vital role. A well written resume doubly increases your chances of bagging the job. Your first 

resume would obviously not have the work experience column, but don't worry. There are many other things 

that count to make a resume 'salable' in the professional world. So, if the question how to make a resume for 

first job is troubling you, in this article, along with the workable first job resume tips, we are going to present 

some first job resume examples and templates, that would help you design a perfect resume for yourself.

Tips for First Job Resume

A resume is basically a summary of what you have done in life (in a professional way, of course!). It 

determines your eligibility for the job and also conveys the recruiter to some extent what kind of person you 

are. A resume has a proper format and you cannot write it in your own way. Some of the key columns of a 

resume are objective for the job, communication address, academic achievements, hobbies, key skills, etc. 

Keep in mind the below given tips before you decide on what to write in the resume.

* Tip one, keep the look of the resume professional and simple, and keep in mind that you are about to enter 

the professional world. Design it in such a way that the interviewer can easily browse through all the details.
* Make sure the language you have used is formal, grammatically correct, and to the point. A resume with 

silly grammatical errors, and informal language leaves a bad impression on the recruiter.
* Make sure you have documented and highlighted all your past achievements in the resume.
* Don't feel hesitated to mention any part time job experience you have, mentioning it will only brighten up 

your chances of getting the job.
* Mention in the resume, the details of the projects you have worked on, if there are any.
* Your objective for aiming the job should make sense, the objective should be so well written, that it 

conveys to the employer that you really are eager and worthy for the job.
* Avoid copying your objectives from job websites or other sources, the recruiters are smart enough to find 

what you have written is copied or not.
* Once you are done with the writing, verify all the details you have written in your resume are correct, 

check your grades, and email address. Also check for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.
* Last but not least, be truthful in whatever you are writing in your resume, the employers cross check each 

and every important detail of yours in the resume, so be honest in your thoughts.

First Job Resume Template

Now that you are armed with the tips and are ready with the content to fill in the resume, its time to create 

your first job resume. The template given below will help in designing the resume, in a professional way.

General Information

(Your Complete Name)
(Your Address)
(Cell Number)
(Email Address)
Under the objective line, mention your purpose for wanting to do the job.
Educational Details

Under this section comes all your educational details. Mention all the major schools you had attended along 

with the grades, starting from the recent one. You can either tabulate this section or make a list, whichever is 

convenient to you.

Job Experience

Even if you do not have any major job experience in the concerned field, you can mention your work 

experience of any part time job.


Under achievements, you should mention all your past achievements, it's not obligatory that the achievements 

should be academic. You can mention your achievements in sports or other projects. It conveys your 

involvement in extra-curricular activities to your future employer.


Mention all your hobbies and interests under this section. It is just the extra bit of information the employer needs.


This is the last field in your resume. Mentioning reference is not mandatory, but having someone's reference 

name in your reference in the resume will surely increase the probability of you bagging the job.

Hope through this article you have got a rough idea on how a resume should be written. Keep in mind the 

first job resume tips we had discussed earlier in this article, and then design your resume. A resume carries a 

lot of significance, and a recruiter can make out a lot from the resume itself. So ready for the job hunt? All 

the best for your endeavor.

Resume writing tips and advice to help you learn how to make a resume that secures you a job interview

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