Monday, 16 December 2013

Graduate jobs- Jobs will Follow You

Graduate jobs- Jobs will Follow You

Isn’t it getting monotonous to see students after graduation becoming a part of a rat race for graduate 

jobs? This is good in a way that every student wants to be on their own, but it is equally unfortunate to see 

these young talents landing up in a place which Is certainly not meant for them. And what we get as a result 

of this is a de-motivated and disheartened person who is more frustrated than satisfied. You know why this 

happen to them? Because they really don’t know what they want. They are just following a blind bid 

where getting job means success and being idle means you are a loser. But, should affect us? For sure no.

The first thing that a student must do after his/her graduation is to sit down with a relaxed mind, take a piece 

of paper and write down where do you want to see yourself 5yrs down the line. It can be as stupid or clever 

as you want it to be. Even saying that I want to be a millionaire will serve the purpose. But make sure what 

you are writing is achievable. I mean I have seen students writing ‘I want to be the owner of Bentley 

company’, which obviously in just 5yrs is not possible. Know what your caliber is and write down a goal 

which according to you is practical and achievable. Then just work backwards. At least you know what you 

want then knowing ‘how’ will get easy for you. After 5 yrs you will know where you are because you 

planed it in advance unlike many, who even after 30yrs of working experience fail to know what they wanted 

and where they are in respect to their careers.

Next step will be to work on your interviews, don’t forget you are a graduate and what you are aiming is 

a graduate job, and thus just be thorough with your subjects because that’s what the employers expect 

you to be. If you think this isn’t going to be a cake walk well then it doesn’t even require a rocket 

science. There are so many students, who first want to get experience of a year or two and then wish to 

pursue a PG course, well for all those students, just know the correct key word while looking for a job, You 

people are neither aiming for a part time job nor for a long term job, so look for the kind of graduate job you 

want accordingly. Last but not the least, never feel dejected if someone doesn’t select you, because may 

be you haven’t got the job but you certainly have earned a contact which is worth a lot. The success lies 

in just two thing, one is to set a correct goal which should be practical, and second is to feel good. If you feel 

good about yourself and you have confidence in your skills, mark my words, there is just no one in this world 

who can stop you from being what you want to be.

लवदीप पाहूजा.... 


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